The Echo of G. 2012

The Echo of G. 2012


The little brother of the world famous G. turns out to be not little at all. Made using the same process as G. this wine has all the finesse you expect from a top wine.

3.510 Kč incl. VAT

Availability: Skladem

Producer: 4G Wines Estate

THE ECHO OF G. reflects on the new wine crafted by legendary winemaker Denis Dubourdieu together with a residential South African cellar master. Second wine to the 'First Growth of the Cape', this oeuvre enjoys the same uncompromised quality as G. – and is ultimately born during blending.

Extreme care is applied to the picking and selection of grapes. Handpicked in small portions, they are carefully destemmed and meticulously sorted twice by expert hands. Manual crushing ensures gentle treatment of the berries.

Alcoholic fermentation in both new French oak barrels and stainless steel tanks, with strict temperature control and regular breaking of the cap for optimal extraction.

18 months in mostly new French oak barrels from seven different talented cooperages, thus integrating the rich tannins and adding complexity to the wine.

The Echo of G. is a Bordeaux style cuvee from the Western Cape from Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc und Petit Verdot.

Very expressive and savory bouquet with rich fruit flavours of fully ripe black cherries, preserved plums, sloe berries, cassis, and mulberries. Accompanied by noble, fresh balsamic hints and notes of tobacco, black pepper, and subtle spices. Rich but remarkably vivid on the palate. Generous and densely woven aroma of spiced forest berries. Finely grained but distinctively structured tannins. Finishing with hints of dark chocolate, cranberry syrup, and noble Bourbon Vanilla – presenting a firm grip, gorgeous length, and subtle freshness.

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