Tenimenti Andreucci

Tenimenti Andreucci

Tenimenti Andreucci

Flavio "Chicco" Andreucci - Dedication to wine and family heritage 

Located in Pienza in the heart of the Tuscan wine region, this small family winery has had a vineyard in the region for over 200 hundred years. The unique wine label honors the family's legacy by including a copy of a bill of sale from Napoleon, who the Andreucci family supplied wine to 200 years ago. Today, Flavio Andreucci labors to produce the best quality wine combining modern technology, superb vines and a remarkable terroir.

Flavio Andreucci took over the responsibility of the family vinyard in 1998. Having studied geology he instantly understood how precious the terroir is on which his vines grow. Putting this together with his family's experience in making wine and his passion for amazing wines brought out some amazing wines.

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