Albino Armani

Tradition from the North of Italy

From the north of Italy we are bringing you Albino Armani.

Four hundred years of spending time amidst the grapevines and experiencing passion for wine. Indeed, in the Adige River Valley the history of his family and that of winemaking have been united for a long time. 


"There is a thought that inspires me, both simple and powerful at the same time: I want to respect the land and the area where I grew up. A place where, ever since I was a little boy, together with my father, I raced around between the wine barrels and amidst the grapevines. It's here in this countryside that I have learned the meaning of "la vita" (life) and of "la vite" (grapevines). Later on, I also learned to love and respect other places and other lands, places I discovered later, like Valpolicella, in the Region of Veneto, and Marca Trevigiana, in Friuli. And gradually these places have also become part of me. 

I am convinced that winegrowing is something precious, and something to be protected by making precise and well-pondered decisions. And the nucleus of successful winegrowing always has to be a human being, with his or her exceptional effort to make grapes grow and turn them into wine. A human being that knows and preserves tradition, but using constant circumspection, and sporting the challenge of innovation --- because tradition alone is not enough. I have learned that, out on the fields and in the wine cellar, you do what you have to do: in a natural way and without taking shortcuts. And the results are my wines."

 Albino & Egle Armani





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