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The Rosati family - Concentrating on what really matters 

When we first met Riccardo we were not sure we arrived at the right place since all we saw was a small door in the wall. However there was a man in full working outfit smiling at us saying "come in" i expected you. That small door opened and we entered a really nicely renovated wine cellar which we did not expect since we were there for the meat they produce. Quickly we realized that their wines were as good as their meats and fell in love with them. All they do is everything but ordinary.

The Fontanelle business

The history of Fontanelle is identified with that of the Rosati family. A simple story of persons attached to culture of the land and hospitality.
A family in which the job history is renewed in generations and relaunches the commitment and tenacity in their future projects.

The Fontanelle business consists of four farm buildings on 55 hectares of land, west of Chianciano.
Being a small family-run business has enabled its owners to produce a limited yet prestigious selection of wines: D.O.C.G CHIANTI and I.G.T TOSCANA, the classic D.O.C.G VINO NOBILE di MONTEPULCIANO and D.O.C ROSSO di MONTEPULCIANO which have now become part of the business alongside the traditional production of extra-virgin olive oil, recognised today as TERRE DI SIENA D.O.P and I.G.P TOSCANO.
Our dedication derives from a love of the land, which has led to the breeding of CINTA SENESE D.O.P pigs raised in the wild, a Tuscan tradition.
Arboriculture systems for chopping valuable wood found in small areas of the business also complete the description of the business.
Other investments have strengthened the commercial side of the business, such as the restoration of an old wine cellar, which provides an excellent environment for the maturation of the wines as well as offering the public an opportunity to taste and compare first-hand the products we sell.

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