Wine Gurus by Casa Rojo

Love, passion and respect for wine and its culture

Love, passion and respect for wine and its culture

The team of Casa Rojo (Wine Gurus) perfectly fits our philosophy of providing you with wines that disrupt but at the same time express respect and passion for both the grapes and traditions.

The team is a young team which has a clear vision:

"An understanding of the family tradition, careful viticulture practices, meticulous selection of grapes, maximum expression of terroir, varietal character of the native grapes, and working with the lees."

The Wine Guru Team

In an industry dominated by large powerful groups, CASA ROJO offers an innovative and groundbreaking vision. They are not distracted by the details of the bottling facility or the logistics of large wineries that add cost without adding value: Their focus is the viticulture, oenology and design of a wine that ultimately produces nothing but pleasure when consumed. These are the measures of quality that matter, and we experience them with each drink.

Casa Rojo was rated as one of the best price/value producers in Spain making no compromise on the quality.

Casa Rojo works with small vinyards from all over Spain allowing us to provide you with a full taste of the Spanish terroir from Cavas to Monastrell wines.

We are very excited to be working with these guys in Czech Republic.


Here is what they say about themselves:


What is wine? How is it made? Where does it get its aromas from? What's the story behind each grapevine, each terroir?

At Casa Rojo we see wine as the expression of a family, a land, a climate, and ultimately of an origin. The historic vocation of the different Spanish wine-making regions is a legacy passed down from generation to generation. The great diversity of Mediterranean terroirs and climates provides us with a range of local grapes which remain faithful to each type of terroir. These grapes have existed since ancient times and have survived the passing trends. It is that wine-making heritage we try to express in our wines.

Our team of winemakers, sommeliers, designers and professionals from the world of wine all share a singular obsession: to create the perfect wine that expresses the authentic terroir of the wines with character and structure. The grapes are harvested and processed with the utmost respect for the natural qualities of the varietal, native yeasts and the aroma of the origin.

The Mediterranean with its climate, character, culture and people is an idyllic setting. It is the perfect place to live and enjoy oneself, to love and be loved. That was José Rojo's philosophy when he made his first wine and it has stuck with us to this day.


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