passion for wine

A few things you need to know about us

We are passionate about food and travelling

Wherever we go we are trying to find new experiences in dining, cooking or drinking. We are the people that actually go into other peoples kitchens to find out what they do and why.

We try to understand, though difficult sometimes, what ingredients people are using and how they prepare the little wonders that they serve.


We try to eat healthy and focus on good ingredients

We are not long haired, sandal wearing Bio-Prophets that eat bird food all day. However we have a very close look on what we put into our bodies since we believe what you put in is what you get out. We also look at the consequences of the production of what we eat. We prefer to eat things which were produced in a sustainable and environment friendly way.


We have respect...

... for the work of others. If someone is passionate about what he produces and puts a lot thinking and effort into it he deserves respect whether we like the end product or not. It also means that we respect that people get paid for their efforts.

... for the animals that we eat. It can't be right to make animals suffer as bad as they do in mass production. We are a "whole beast" family believing that we do not have to kill 3 chicken to feed 4 people just because "we only eat the breast". We like meat but we also understand that an animal has to die for us to enjoy a meat meal.


We do not like to over pay

Being a marketing executive i know the prices for marketing and how much they can influence what you pay for the actual product. We try to find products and producers that keep this to a minimum.

At the same time we believe that you get what you pay for. Producing high quality food and wine costs time and effort. Trying to find short cuts means compromising on the quality.

There is absolutely no reason other than greed to pay premiums like they are charged in CZ for high quality goods. We are not and don't want to be greedy therefore we do sharp calculations of our products and try to offer the for the same price as in their country of origin. It doesn't always work 100%, but we are always close.


We love sharing

Shared pleasure is double the pleasure and a good wine always tastes better in good company. In fact the very foundation of Wine & Dine is based on sharing. After our travels we always wanted to share the things we enjoyed but never really could do this. That's when we decided to create our company which allows us to import the things we found and distribute them among friends.

Our house is always open for friends and their will always be food :-)


Wine & Dine is a company of foodies for foodies. Our main goal is not profit but making your dining experience a bit more interesting. We want this to be a platform for inspiration and exchange and are happy if we can facilitate this. Buying our products keeps this platform alive.

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