Nebbiolo d'Alba 2014

Nebbiolo d'Alba 2014

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This Nebbiolo d'Alba from Sylla Sebaste is a nice medium body and fresh red wine. with great structure it will be a great companion with your pasta dishes and meaty sauces. It is a great expression of the Alba terroir and leaves you to enjoy every sip from start to a nice long finish.

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Producer: Sylla Sebaste

The idea of producing this Nebbiolo stems from the desire to offer an important wine which has a fresh and youthful body and can accompany all dishes.

A wine that is flavored with hints of strawberry and raspberry. On the palate the taste is harmonic and balanced, pleasant with little tannin and full of character.

About the Sylla Sebaste

The 7 acres owned by the company are located in the town of Barolo, in the prestigious locations Bussia and Bricco Viole. Sylla Sabate produces traditional varieties such as Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Barbera and Freisa. Thanks to its location and the use of innovative techniques, both in the vineyards and winery, the company sells annually roughly 70,000 prized bottles.


Method: natural fermentation in stainless steel fermenter
Temperature: 25 °C spontaneous and not thermo-conditioned
Duration: 15 days
Malolactic: carried out in stainless steel
Aging: in wood
Age of barrels: a mixture of new and second passage
Type of wood: oak
Type of barrel: large barrel
Toasting level: medium
Percentage of new barrels: 50 %
Length of time in wood: 10 months
Minimum time in bottle: 2 months


Region: Piedmont

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