Le Petit Xavier Rose

Le Petit Xavier Rose

A refreshing rose wine from our favourite French producer Xavier Vignon. As all his wine also the Petit Xavier is made with 100% dedicate to quality which is delivered at a very pleasant price.

229 Kč incl. VAT

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Producer: Xavier Vignon

Why we offer this to you ...

A "best of" from the South of France, unsual blend of Rhone and Languedoc. Easy drinking with nice quality for a price which is hard to beat.

What does it taste like ...

Fruits, flower and spices...A wine for pleasure first and foremost ...

On the nose Le Petit Xavier displays hints of garrigue, fresh red fruits as well as floral notes (cherry blossom).

The mouthfeel reveals a luscious yet thirst quenching wine with good minerality

Serve at 10/11C°. To be drunk in good company with a BBQ, a grilled fish or simply by itself.

What is it made of ...

50% Grenache & 50 % Syrah coming from clay and limestone plots

• Manual harvesting

• As little intervention as possible to preserve the beautiful ripe grapes

• Fermentation in stainless steel tanks


Region: Côtes du Rhône

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