Prima 2019

Prima 2019


Jeden z našich best-sellerů z malého, ale výjimečného regionu Toro. Harmonické, lehké a přístupné víno.

380 Kč incl. VAT

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Producer: Bodegas y Vinedos Maurodos

Why we offer this to you ...

We had to try the smaller brother brother of "San Roman" for many reason but among them was that we could not ignore a wine from the chief wine maker of Vega Sicilia (probably the best wine producer in Spain check it here) for many years. With Prima we think he (Mariano Garcia) and his sons (Eduardo & Alberto) designed a modern wine which very pleasant to drink and affordable. The Wine Advocate and The Wine Enthusiast both gave this wine 90 points. What does it taste like 


What does it taste like ...

Prima has a deepe ruby color and has a strong nose of ripe cherry and some plum. Besides nice taste of fruit we also detected coffee/espresso notes. The soft tannins provide a nice long finish revealing some sweet spices at the end.

Having the character of a Toro wine but also with that Garnacha "spark", its fruit complexity stands out in particular, the very open aromas, its accessibility: aromas of red fruit, dark fruit, fresh spices, scents of pine forests, subtle smoky notes, hints of barely ripe black olives, citrus and sweet notes from the fruit itself, all on a mineral background.

It may well be delicate on the nose, but it is seamless on the palate: meaty and intense, its smoothness and balance are astounding and captivating; it is very easy to drink, its intense acidity ensures it glides easily over the palate leaving a lovely velvety feeling.

A great little treasure! If you keep it it will develop very subtle ageing notes (fine wood, chocolate, damp leather), which return for the aftertaste.

This is a complete wine and suitable for all consumers.


What is it made of ...

90% Tinta de Toro

10% Garnacha

Zrálo 14 měsíců in seasoned French oak prior to bottling without filtration



Region: Toro

Great wine


Jason, 9. 10. 2014 13:30:01

Prima was a superb wine and one of the best value for money reds around. Highly recommended. Delicious.

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