Herz aus Holz 2018

Herz aus Holz 2018

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BLACK EDITION: Herz aus Holz is for everyone that enjoys the play of fruit and oak in a white wine. For us this wine is a real masterpiece with the perfect balance between exotic fruits, minerals and a gentle touch of oak.

630 Kč s DPH

Dostupnost: Skladem

Výrobce: Schlossgut Liebieg

Herz aus Holz is golden yellow in color with a nose of ripe fruit, roasted hazel and a hint of smokey oak. 

Just like Herztück this wine is creamy yet fresh and elegant witha long life ahead of itself (if you can control you urge to drinnk it right away). The beauty here is how the gentle oak only slowly mixes with the ripe fruit, leaving a behind a really long finish. 

This wine is best either on its own or with strong flavored dishes such as curries, smoked fish or even a crunchy pork roast.

Black Edition: These wines will not be made in very good years and are not in the standard programme of Bernhard Kirst. So make sure you stock up ;-) 


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