Azienda Agricola Radici

Azienda Agricola Radici

Azienda Agricola Radici

The Radici family - sustainable organic farming meets excellent home cooking

The spirit of Azienda Agricola Radici is exactly matching our aspiration. Simply produce the highest quality products by respecting the environment. Preserving species that originte from the region and using amazing cooking skills to turn them into flavour experiences is what they do.

The company, located on the slopes of Pratomagno mountains, in one of the most beautiful areas in Tuscany, consists of several parcels of land which develop between 300 and 1300 meters above sea level. This physical situation allows them to obtain a wide range of products. They cultivated Mediterranean species (tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, etc ...) at 300 meters above sea level, near the vines and olive trees, on the plateau of Loro Ciuffenna, while the mountains provide berries and chestnuts, as well as most of the fruits that used for jams.
Leveraging years of experience in the field of organic farming and agro-processing, they have developed a number of specialties that are typical for the region and its mountains, but have the exclusive feature of recipes, obtained by the combination of tastes and flavors that are often forgotten.

"Each product has its own flavor, its own personality, as followed by us in every stage of production. We believe that the simplicity of processing methods and quality ingredients make it possible to gain and maintain the trust and respect of our customers."

Take a look at their packaging and you will understand the spirit. The logo photos of the company show their children. "They are what we hold most dear, to whom we should leave a better world than the one in which we live, a world that takes the best from the past to rediscover our roots. It is the union of these two values, our "Roots" (the past) and our children (the future), that we work to grow and improve our company, respecting men and the environment, and for continue offering high quality products."

Azienda Argricola Radici is a member of the Coordination of Tuscan Organic Producers and ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, one of the recognized monitoring organizations by the EEC), and all products are certified as organic.

The products are mainly made with fruits and vegetables from own crops allowing them to:
- control the right stage of ripeness;
- use freshest raw material (collected and transformed throughout the day);
- make a first selection of products in the field, bringing in processing rooms only those vegetables suitable for quality.
Even the products they buy come from certified organic farms must meet the same requirements.

"Our recipes help you discover the scents and flavors often forgotten, even more so since we use for our products local varieties in danger of extinction, such as: Giant Tuscan basil (for pesto and tomato sauces), Asparagus of Argentuil (creams), Violetta Fiorentina Eggplant, Zucchino Fiorentino Lungo, Cauliflower Ottobrino, Tuscan Red Onion (for pickled), Cece Piccino of Chianti, Cannellini Bean S. Ginese, Zolfino Beans (legumes in brine), Apple Nesta (for jam), Costoluto and Canestrino Tomatos (for paste and sauces).

The extremely intense "Tuscan Giant Basil"

Giant Basil Toscano

Very aromatic local peppers

Aromatic Accecalocchi Peppers



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