Spiced Rice

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28 Srpen 2014

A quick recipe - Spiced Rice

Spiced Rice

Today a quick one:

Spiced Rice with ginger, garlic and onion

This little recipe is so easy to make but will make everyone go "uuuhhh" it is the ideal side dish for asian dishes or even just on its own.

Serves 2


1 large cup (mug) of Basmati rice

3 large cups (same as above to keep a 1:3 ratio) of water

1 thumb sized piece of fresh ginger

1 onion (or 2 small shalottes) 

1 clove of garlic

a good pinch of salt

table spoon of oil (ideally a neutral or peanut oil)



Chop the onion and the garlic very finely. Either chop or grate the ginger finely.

Wash the rice properly under cold water. That will make it nicely loose and fluffy later since you wash away the starch on the outside of the grains.

In a mid size pot glace the the onion and the garlic on medium heat. Add the ginger at the end and glace for 2 more minutes.

Add the rice and stir for 2 minutes and then add the water and the salt. Simmer the rice in the open pot on medium to low heat until the water is evaporated. The rice should be cooked perfectly now. 

Serve :-)

A nice side effect of cooking the rice, or any other starch based side dish (pasta, potatoe, couscous), with ginger is that this keeps your glycemic index lower. A nice side effect for the ones watching their weight.

We had it together with slow roasted wild duck, a red wine, honey and chocolate reduction and steamed garden vegetables.

 spiced rice with duck

Enjoy and let us know what you think 




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