Pinot Brut Mosel Sekt Rose

Pinot Brut Mosel Sekt Rose

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A Cuvée from Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc from the Mosel Valley. A wonderfully fruity and elegant choice with fine and creamy bubbles.

460 Kč s DPH

Dostupnost: Skladem
skladem: 28

Výrobce: Weingut Kirsten

Weingut Kirsten

This winery is located in one of the best locations along the Mosel river. It has vineyards with an incline of up tp 86% requesting hand work only. Bernhard Kirsten is know to consequently ensure the quality of his wines not only in the cellar but mainly in the vineyard. Rigid pruning and picking of the grapes when they are most aromatic are the main criteria of his work. This results in wines that express the Mosel characteristics perfectly.

Even his dry wines do not lose the typoical fruity aromas of the Moselriesling. For us his style so far is unmatched.


Pinot Sekt 

The cuvée from Pinot Noir and -Blanc lays a minimum of 9 month on it's yeast where it ripens into a very elegant Sekt with fine bubbles and very deep fruity aromas. Due to its depth and nice complexity this sekt is not only a fantastic aperitif but also a nice companion throughout the evening. 

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