Criseo 2016

Criseo 2016

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A true Tuscan white wine pearl made for ageing but also enjoyed young.

350 Kč s DPH

390 Kč s DPH Sleva 40 Kč

Dostupnost: Skladem
skladem: 44

Výrobce: Guado al Melo

Guado al Melo Bianco was born out passion for great passion for the aged white wines.

It comes from Vermentino grapes and an elegant blend of white varieties, carefully selected to give a long-lived wine of great expressiveness. The aging on the lees gives complexity, finesse and a long finish.

In the label two satyrs dance with joyful thrill, with bare feet, in the hands a rattle instru-ment and a kantharos, the cup with two handles symbol of the god of wine. The gifts of Bacchus (wine, music, and dance) lead to an ecstasy of serenity, for the ancients to the vision of the happy Golden Age before the time corruption. Bare feet have a sacred value: they are the necessary condition to get in touch with the Earth and its presences.

What is it made of:

80% Vermentino and other white wine grapes (Fiano, Ver-dicchio, Manzoni and Petit Manseng). From vineyards on the hills of Bolgheri, alluvial soil, with good pebble-gravel texture and moderate clay content. Mediterranean climate refreshed by sea winds, in summer significant temperature range between day and night. Produced with sustainable practices.

How it is produced:

Made from grapes of selected vineyard parcels. After a very light pressing of the whole clusters, the must is cold-settled naturally over-night. Vinified without correctives or additives which would alter the origi-nal characteristics of the grapes. After fermentation, it undergoes a 12 months refinement on the lees in steel tanks and then in glass.

Region: Tuscany

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