Coreno 2016

Coreno 2016

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Tělnaté, silné, aromatické víno z Toskánska.

365 Kč s DPH

Dostupnost: Skladem
skladem: 15 ks

Výrobce: Olivi Cantine

Why we offer this to you ...

For a long time this has been our favorite white from Cantine Olivi simply because it combines everything we are looking in a white wine freshness but also full body which lasts a long impression. For us this white is a great companion not only for light and fish dishes but also with dishes which have stronger tastes such as pork roasts or even at a BBQ.


What does it taste like ...

The nose of Coreneo is rich and articulated with flavors of tropical fruit, peach and zesty spice.
The tasteis very elegant, with a very long finish revealing its minerality. For us this wine is perfectly balanced and "oily". 


What is it made of ...

80% Trebbiano barrel-fermented and

20% Malvasia vinified in stainless steel tanks

The Coreno wine is a blend of two autochthon varieties from Tuscany, Trebbiano and Malvasia originating from old vineyards aged more than 50 years. The age of the vines confers to this wine a great complexity and character. 

Region: Tuscany

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