Ginger - works wonders

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02 Duben 2014

Ginger Time Ginger is one of the healthiest all-round spices you can find. Not only does it give a nice citrus and spicy kick to your food but also it helps you to stay healthy and slim … keep reading...

Ginger - works wonders

it has been a while since the last post... sorry for this we will improve we just had to overcome some difficulties.
People that know us know that one of our favorite food items is ginger. We do like it not only because of it's particular taste but also because it is probably one of the most healthy ingredients you can use in your kitchen.
Here is why we like it:
The gingeroles and shaogaols that you find in the oils of the ginger root are helpful in many ways:
- the are excellent "catchers" of free radicals and therefore help you to prevent cancer and tumors (and AGING )
- they keep your blood nicely fluent since they block the clogging of your Thrombocytes. This helps preventing arteriosclerosis
- when you feel sick (even motion sick) from your stomach ginger is an excellent remedy
- when you combine ginger with fat food it actually helps you to digest the fat better
- also for the ones - like me - they want to watch their weight a bit ... ginger pushes your metabolism up for a whole day. Very good in combination with Vitamin C
- it is also said that ginger helps you to reduce the bad cholesterol and blood sugar
As if this is not enough we just think that the taste is amazing! Spicy, slight citrus taste and fresh.
We often combine it with Garlic since they compliment each other perfectly fine - as proven in many curries
Try to get some nice fresh prawns. Put them in an oven proof pan pour some olive oil (the one from Le Buche... ideally ) over it, a bit lime zest and juice, herbs as you feel, chillies, garlic and either finely grated or slices of ginger. Add a few halved cherry tomatoes (they give you the nice juice for dipping your bread) bake at 180 degrees for max 10 minutes.
I personally drink ginger water every day (purely to use the anti aging effects ). 3-4 slices of ginger in your glass fill it with water, refill as often as you want. Also nice with added lemon juice and a bit of sugar.
check out recipes for Lynchburg and replace the ginger ale with home made ginger lemonade ... YUMMY - not sure how healthy though ;-))
Whoever visits us next can try our homemade ginger orange chutney .
Let us know what you do with ginger so that we can learn.

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