Bio fíkový džem bez cukru

Bio fíkový džem bez cukru

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100% fíkový džem bez cukru, pektinu, sladidel a chemikálií. Pouze čistá chuť pro Vaše zdraví! Doporučujeme např. k sýrům a vínu nebo jen tak, na chleba s máslem :-) Vyberte si mezi verzí bez cukru (380g) a s cukrem (210g).

120 Kč s DPH

120 Kč s DPH / sklenice

Dostupnost: Skladem

Výrobce: Azienda San Benedetto

The two brothers of Azzienda San Benedetto produce their jams and marmaldes in the oldest fashion with maximum 2 ingredients: Fruit from their garden and grape juice or sugar.

This jam is available in sweetened and non-sweetened. We use this for many purposes - aside with a sweet dessert (espresso panna cotta...), on bread or even in savory dishes combined with cured meat in ravioli or even in sauces.

We like these products because the only thing that the traditional way of producing them does is - intensifying the flavour. The taste of the fruit stays in your mouth for a long time. It reminds us of our childhood.
No E's, preservatives, colorants or other chemicals are being used in the production of these high quality marmalades. We give this to our Kids instead of sweets!

Glass: unsweetened 370g, sweetened 210g


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